Second Hand News – Vol.2

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Welcome to ‘Second Hand News’ a new fortnightly series that tips our hat to Fleetwood Mac but, more importantly, is a place for us to showcase our favourite recent second hand vinyl purchases. We’ve become rather fixated on what’s ahead of us, consumed by newer than new music, but sometimes it’s nice to take a pause and look back.

Delivering our second volume is someone who’s visual work you may be familiar with if you’re a regular reader. Anu is co-founder of London zine Equaliser, and is also behind some of the more visually-engaging content we put out, namely a visual diary of Nachtiville Festival and an artist impression of a Floating Points live show. Alongside her compadre Kuba, they also play out on radio stations and parties around London, so we knew she’d be sitting on some second hand treats.

For more dusty old gems, browse through the volumes of our Second Hand News series.

Rahul Dev Burman – Kati Patang Soundtrack (Odeon)

I saw this in YAM and I had to get it because Rahul is my brother’s name – it was amongst a bunch of other Hindi records with beautiful sleeves. There’s one track on it which is apparently the first ever Hindi rap song.

Nucleus – Alleycat (Vertigo)

This is probably one of my favourite jazz records. Every aspect of it is insanely good, especially the drumming. The cat noises at the start of ‘Nosegay’ always creep people out when I play it.

Debbie Jacobs – Undercover Lover (MCA Records

My best pal got me this record from Poland for my birthday. The first 20 seconds make me feel so uneasy for some reason but as soon as the vocals kick in everything is okay.

Weather Report – Mysterious Traveller (CBS)

The opening crowd noises are amazing, the percussion is amazing, everything is amazing. This is the best Weather Report song ever written in my opinion.

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (Warner Bros.)

I love playing this at the end of a set, Chaka Khan is such a powerful lady. Melle Mel repeating Chaka Khan in the track is also a true sign of power.


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