Jon Rust’s 10 most wrecked records

NTS host since day, Levels label bossman, trigger finger co-ordinator at Standard Place parties and (as you’ll learn in the below playlist) amateur vinyl restoration expert, Jon Rust is a man with many strings to his bow.

A seasoned DJ who can be found spinning records at BBQs in vinyl-melting temperatures or even pop-up beaches in Nottingham, it’s not always been easy to keep his records safe over the years. In ode to his waxy struggles, Jon has put together a list of his most tattered and dishevelled records.

Catch Jon playing Dance Tunnel tomorrow night (alongside Galcher Lustwerk) and tonight with Abandon Silence in Liverpool (alongside Joy O, Hunee & Denis Sulta)


Tuff Jam – Feel My Love

Many an itchy trigger finger was exercised at Standard Place over the years, and this 10” got it’s fair share of wheels.

Soho – Give It Up / Hot Music

Playing records at a BBQ one summer, making sure not to drip any mustard. Meanwhile the decks had heated to 100 degrees and so I was left with something resembling a stingray’s fin.

Heiroglyphic Being – Temple of the Moon

Nice sparkler from Jamal Moss. That is, until I threw it in with what must have been wire wool.

Cajmere – Feel It

I bore a scratch so deep on this, that it jumped a full beat before the drop. I persevered with my copy, I used catch it just before and hold the beat. I guess all that cueing carved thru the jump. Plays fine again now.

Lil Louis – ‘Wargames’

Lil Louis made the best albums in house music. I got passed From the Mind Of… by an older mate getting rid of his vinyl. Scuffed to death, this was the only track vaguely playable. Killer piece tho, still.

Bullion – You Drive Me to Plastic

“Like MF Doom and Daft Punk had a baby”, says someone on Youtube. An epic piece and so overlooked. This record was made one sided, with pretty etched artwork on the reverse. It looked great hanging on my wall until someone knocked it from its perch.

Air – ‘Mr Man’

Speaking of plastic, here’s a real Plastic People tune. Copped mine while in NYC for less thank fifty bucks. While it looked pretty mashed, the damage turned out to be largely cosmetic. The record still sings.

Underground Resistance – ‘Inspiration’

Sand damage, Nottingham ’05. I was playing a bar with a beach-themed party. They had imported tonnes of builders sand for effect. Fun party, but bad for the records. Shame, this is a classic.

DMZ – ‘Hunter’

Sheffield ’08, crowded booth. In all the excitement, somebody put their beer over the record. Was unplayable for six years, until last year when I heard about some super nerdy record cleaning technique using wood glue. It worked a treat and now it plays perfect. Try it for yourself – works great on even the most heinous sugary residues.

Según Bucknor & His Revolution – ‘La La La’

Got this on a Funky Lagos comp. One night I pulled it out upside down though and cracked a huge chunk out of the disc (see below). Luckily this one – my favourite cut on there, still plays fine.


Featured image credit: FACT Mag

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