Premiere: Federico Albanese – Céline

This beautiful piece by Federico Albanese will evoke a strong amount of feeling upon listening. With great composure the piece encapsulates an ambivalent, yet hopeful search from darkness to light; a journey, expressing a sense of brave transition.

Opening with peacefully dusty piano that Nils Frahm (lately), or Harold Budd (iconically) have so endeared us to, Albanese has created a much less minimal sound than his likened predecessors. By incorporating hypnotic whirling synthesisers, his harmonious cello and commanding heartbeat, Albanese has created an altogether alternative spectrum of feeling.

With each of the 13 compositions awaiting you on his sophomore solo release, The Blue Hour, Albanese explores a different kind of personal journey. Some purely classical piano and cello, some a greater cocopahny. From dreams to memories, heaviness to lightness, perseverance and healing, it is a work of great serenity and introspection.

Originating from Milan and residing in Berlin, Federico Albanese first gained respect for his avant-garde joint project with Jessica Einaudi, La Blanche Alchimie, and his own cinematic score for Shadows In The Distance, as well as the documentary Cinema Perverso.

The Blue Hour is out now on Neue Meister (Berlin Classics) – buy from iTunes and more good online vinyl outlets. Forthcoming releases on Neue Meister come from Matthew Herbert and Henrik Schwarz. 

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