Kickflip Mike – Money $ex 005

Until now there’s been a certain air of mystery surrounding Berlin-based musician and producer Kickflip Mike, with only a few remixes and releases to his name. Tipped as one of our Ones to Watch in 2016, his forthcoming EP – the fifth on Money $ex Records, the label run by his fellow band member Max Graef, plus Glenn Astro and Delfonic – proves why he made the cut. Using his MPC to perfection, he’s fashioned a collection of sample-laden tracks with hip-hop influence and a solid beat framework; of course, you’d expect nothing less from a drummer.

An ‘Intro’ of gentle high hat strokes tantalise, quickly joined by slow synths that utilise an LFO to swirl and stutter into infinity; it has an interstellar touch to it, easing you in with feeling. After the initiation comes ‘Vanilla Seibt’, a track that’s had us on tenterhooks after he and Graef dropped it in their live BR set. It’s got an unfathomable groove, the twinkling notes and broken drum beats firmly propped up by the flickering percussion. Tying up the A-side, ‘The Green One’ brings staccato beats interspersed with “yeah”s and “yep”s, and a big bold bass that propels the song forward with purpose.

The B-side kicks off with ‘Wizard Island’, a joint effort with DJ Mettigel. In comes the smouldering kick, then Cheech and Chong samples join the haze. Shouts go to the woozy oscillating synths, a wondrous foundation for the weighty bass lumbering underneath. Playing us out in textbook style is the ultimate offering – ‘Outro’ – a smattering of drum beats, bongos and a heavy bass strum. Guitars and bleeping synths crescendo, leaving you wishing that the EP wasn’t quite over yet.

M$005 is out now. Buy from Oye and most other good online outlets.

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