JKriv stirs up a brassy, afro-house frenzy on ‘King Mashie’

Ever consistent in their release of disco ball spinners, Razor-N-Tape sharpen their definition of dance music, with only the cream on their radar making the cut. A release by multi-instrumentalist JKriv only confirms this further, with the New Yorker deliver three royal reworks.

Accompanying the reagal ‘Queen’s Beats’ and a rework of The O’ Jay’s ‘Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet, Tender Love)’, our pick is the mighty ‘King Mashie’, who reigns as our pick off the EP.

Through the clatter of frenzied percussion, a welcome kick punctuates the beat, laying down some order among the percussive chaos. A rolling bassline softens things up, wrapping itself around the ears before a flurry of brass smacks a big smile on your face. There’s a retro swing about the track as the afro-house groove spirals into a chorus of voices and instruments alike, all willing to be heard. All hail King Kriv, he’s top of his game.

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