Carrot Green & Selvagem – Disco Halal Vol. 4: Brazil

Born out of a vision to reshape the Middle Eastern and Oriental sounds into dancefloor ready grooves, Berlin-based label Disco Halal (run by Moscoman) offer up their fourth EP of world-influenced treats. This time they turn their attentions to Brazil and native producers Carrot Green and Selvagem, who’ve assembled an EP that amalgamates electronic flavours and tropical sway.

‘Vandre’ combines vocal efforts from one of Brazil’s most notable protest singers with an acid flecked rhythm, a bobbing cowbell and the gentle rhythmic patter of drums. Bringing some Italo flare to the title track, duo Marvin & Guy fashion an entrancing rework driven by dry-pulsing beats, awash with reverberating vocal snippets and rippling acid synths.

The highlight is ‘Ossain’, a combination of broken vocal chants and bubbling tribal beats that leave the taste of Summer on your lips. The juxtaposition of reflecting synths and a breakdown that marries wind, percussion and playfully darting strings fashion a thoughtfully crafted crossover track. Completing the package is ‘Dengo’, layering Candomblé chants over a funk-soaked bassline which builds to a climax saturated in wistful flute notes and erratic drum patterns.

Disco Halal vol.4 is out soon – preorder  from OYE Records.



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