Premiere: Tala A.M. – Hot Koki (Ben Hauke remix)

We love a record that comes with some history and this remix is no exception. Featuring on Africa Seven‘s remix package of ‘Hot Koki‘, a funky groove of a track by the Camerounian artist, Andre-Marie Tala, or Tala A.M., as he is also known.

Tala was an outstanding guitarist and musician who turned to music after becoming blind at the age of four and orphaned at the age of twelve. Making by hand his first guitar and moving to Paris at the age of seventeen, it was here that his music career took off. In the late 60s he signed a deal with Fiesta Records and began making his own groove, influenced by the yéyé sound of France and the rhythms of his birthplace.

Cool fact: both Tala A.M. played alongside James Brown at the infamous Rumble in the Jungle fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire, 1974. Upon hearing ‘Hot Koki’, James Brown went off and made his suspiciously similar (and ironically-named) track ‘The Hustle‘ and ended up getting successfully sued by Tala! Proving James Brown to be, yet again, a very naughty man, and Tala a musical badass.

We are delighted to be premiering a remix of ‘Hot Koki’ by London’s Ben Hauke’s, a track to warm up any January dancefloor. Think pulsating sun rays a-la Ron Basejam’s iconic remix of ‘It’s You’, or a Todd Terry-esque skipping house beat to accompany Tala’s good-time vocals and afro percussion.

Hot Koki Remixes it out now on Africa Seven. Buy from iTunes.

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