Jayda G’s top 10 tracks for driving across Canada


Being an environmental toxicologist doesn’t strike us as the obvious entry point for a career into music, but that’s just the path that Jayda G has chosen. Another precocious talent from Vancouver, the DJ and producer splits her time between BC and Berlin, which no doubt served her well in forming a creative partnership with the Germany-dwelling Sex Tax co-founder DJ Fett Burger. The two put on a series of parties in Vancouver called Freakout Cult back in 2014 and last year this spawned a label of the same name, for which their collaborative EP was the first release. Much like her productions, her DJing exudes a passion for disco, funk and soul with a firm eye to the dancefloor, and it really is a treat to return to her mixes time after time; her Trushmix and Juno Podcast being particular highlights.

2016 promises a first solo EP on Freakout Cult and a whole lot more DJ appearances round Europe, if the current rumblings are anything to go by. In anticipation for her first, with ourselves and Tessellate this Friday, she’s kindly put together a selection which makes her think of home.

Catch Jayda G at Corsica Studios this Friday alongside DJ Sotofett, Maurice Fulton and Harri & Domenic. Limited £10 tickets available here.

“Many Canadians at one point in their lives have driven across Canada. Shout out to the Trans Canada Highway! Many people may start from the hype of hype city of Vancouver to the weird and wonderful city of Halifax, however my adventure started in a small Canadian town in the province of beautiful British Columbia and went all the way to the awesome city of Montreal. I was five years old and my parents loved road trips. A lot of these songs are either tunes we actually did listen to on that trip or from the many other road trips I have driven in my life. OKAY! Here we go!”

Al Jarreau – ‘Try A Little Tenderness (Live Version)’

I introduced my love for Al Jarreau on my Trushmix (the originally posting, for all the heads). A great jazz artist and some serious nostalgia for me with this song.

Rufus & Chaka Khan – ‘Sweet Thing’

Anyone who has been on an extended road trip with me knows I can’t help belting this song at the top of my lungs 😉

Angie Stone – ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’

A quintessential R&B tune right here and also another sing along song for all my girls out there.

Slave – ‘Just A Touch Of Love’

A disco tune that also belongs in the car.

Prince – ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’

One of my favourite Prince songs. For me – literally NO road trip is complete with out a good Prince tune.

Gino Soccio – ‘Dancer’

Okay – now to speed things up a bit. A track from a fellow Canadian who also obviously couldn’t dismiss his love for those disco beats.

Trus’Me – ‘At The Disco’

I love this song – especially the introduction! “Don’t touch my levels now!”

Tennishero – ‘Midnight Love’

Oh man! Another super nostalgic tune for me. Every time I hear this track, an image of driving through the bright lights of a city street just comes to mind. This song is for those late night drives.

Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish – ‘Flowers’

To finish things off – here is a warm tune that definitely makes you groove in the car.

Al Green – ‘I’m Still In Love With You’

To start things off on a good groove, here is a little Al Green for the road. In my family – no music list would be complete without a classic Al Green tune. You can’t deny him! True soul music right here.


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