Jaxzing/Unitrax – Północ-Południe EP

Giving new producers a pedestal to share their creations is not something most labels are chomping at the bit to do. But it’s this fresh approach that sets aside Zambon’s Transatlantyk imprint, a chief propagator for Polish dance music, now its sister label The Very Polish Cut-Outs is being phased out. Staying true to Transatlantyk’s ethos, Północ-Południe is a joint effort from unsung producers Jazxing and Unitrax, flaunting bouncy hypnotic beats, a low-slung shadowy number and a trundling sun-drenched cut you’ll get lost in.

Jazxing kicks off proceedings with ‘K.S. Gruv’, shimmering dream-like synths waver before the bouncy bassline and stuttering percussion hit. Panpipe chords pop and ring, woven with a punchy melodic sequence – this one is sure to put a spring in your step. ‘The Coast’ changes the pace, the intro slowly rumbling to fruition, building and throbbing beneath the surface. The steadfast synths feel otherworldly, yet the poppy sequence pinging away brings it back down to earth.

The first of Unitrax’s offerings is ‘Oasis’, an amble through the desert atop a camel. Arabian notes hit, claves click and clack, while the ceaseless sound of flowing water exudes relaxation. Snippets of tribal drums and a low rumbling bass pulsing to a climax fashion a track with depth and texture aplenty. ‘Another Feeling’ rounds off the EP and it’s a cosmic shadowy affair. Taking things down a notch, the track is dark and mysterious with just a touch of sass.

Północ-Południe EP is out 1st February on Transatlantyk – pre-order from Juno

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