FYI Chris’ top 10 tracks for gazing into the heart of a neutron star

Sitting behind the counter at Rye Wax and nestled amongst the release catalogue of Rhythm Section, FYI Chris sit proudly part of the furniture in SE11, turning heads for their dusty house and chalky rhythms. Before they join us at Disco Picnic tomorrow alongside Seb Wildblood they’ve pulled together a spacey, intergalactic playlist with picks from Connan Mockasin to Tim Maia. If you’re still not quite sure what all this might sound like, this explanation from them should clear it up…

“All these tunes encapsulate the horrible inevitability represented in a neutron star. Heat death. Interstellar jams. Like a hot Starberry pie. Leave the crust last as you reach the cusp of the event horizon. We don’t need eyes where we’re going, man. Never trust Sam Neill.”

And if you missed it first time round, here’s FYI Chris’ recent London Spotlight mix.

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