Our favourite reissues in 2015

reissues 600x400

Whilst our Tracks of 2015 lists documented our favourite new music from this year that we believe will stand the test of time (neatly grouped into Electronic, Remixes, Hip-hop/R&B/Soul, Best of the Rest), 2015 also brought a lot of reissued old sounds to our attention that have longevity embedded deep in their DNA.

1973 West African folk, 1979 R&B made in five hours in a Virginia federal prison, 1983 South African boogie, 1960’s Tunisian soul and 1980’s Japanese electronica all appear in our run down which you can digest all in one go as a Mixcloud mix below, going for a sonic progression rather than an arbitrary order of preference. Grab the full tracklist inside the player and also listen to as many we could find on a Soundcloud playlist too.

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