Day 12: M.ono & Luvless – Getting Down

Day 12 of our charity Advent Calendar in aid of Help Musicians.

M.ono & Luvless are something of a dream team. The two Rose Records artists have collaborated to great effect in the past, and their smooth deep house offerings feature in of almost all of  certified tastemaker Move D’s sets.

‘Getting Down’ sees them in if-it-aint-broke-don’t-fix-it mode. Their skipping, crunchy drum patterns are swept under swelling synths, with the vocal refrain ‘get down’ wills you to do what is already imperative. Their experience in crafting a piece like this is such that it’s almost become instinctive, and elements are added into the mix at precisely the right time. The production avoids being formulaic due to the grooviness of the sounds they put together, cementing M.ono and Luvless as two artists at the top of their game.

Download ‘Getting Down’ from our Bandcamp. It’s pay-what-you-like, with all donations going to Help Musicians, a charity that supports musicians in times of crisis.

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