Premiere: MMT – Pangaea Flute

Bristol-based boutique label, Banoffee Pies, go from strength to strength with the first installment of a new 12” series staying in line with their hand stamped, white label tradition. Their first World Series seeks the help of new recruits as well as old friends for four tracks that unite dance music from Turkey and Africa. Philou Louzolo returns to the label after contributing to the first ever Banoffee Pies release with Ruf Dug and Mr Mendel, appearing alongside Wendel Sield and Mehmet Aslan, under his MMT guise.

Mehmet Aslan occupies the B-side all on his own, and we bring you an exclusive full play of ‘Pangaea Flute’, the second of his two contributions. This track, much like the rest of the EP, is riddled with samples and covered in grooves. Its funky bassline is intertwined with mystical synths, accompanied by a flute solo even Ron Burgundy would be proud of. Its use of choppy guitar rifts, theatrical keys, slappy bassline and a mixture of African samples, create a track with incredible break downs that almost make you freeze before each drop.

BPWS001 is another release that goes straight in the bag and will most likely stay there for a while. More astute A&Ring from Banoffee HQ and sterling work from Philou Louzolo, Mehmet Aslan and Wendel Sield helps add to the growing repertoire of their fruity catalogue.

Banoffee Pies World Series 001 is out now and available from their website

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