Premiere: Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley – Dance Ritual II

Working together as Auntie Flo, Brian d’Souza and Esa have been making heads swivel for a couple of years now, blending a Glaswegian dance sensibility with music references around the globe; refreshing both in its scope and effectiveness. Their latest release is the first ‘proper’ (we’re told 2012’s Auntie Flo LP was a mini-album) Auntie Flo album, Theory of Flo. It compounds all that’s been compelling about the outfit since inception, but also strides confidently forward.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to offer a premiere of ‘Dance Ritual II’, a real gem on the album. The track propels forward via Ghanaian vocals, provided by Anbuley who features on five of the ten tracks. Simple, effective drum programming crunches in the background, alongside melodic synth work which creeps to the front of the mix as it progresses. When the track breaks down, vocals and chords blend together seamlessly, intensifying the euphoria, before the track snaps back with more aggressive low end and rapping to match. In a short space of time, d’Souza, Esa and Anbuley create a textured, diverse atmosphere, a precursor for the album as a whole.

Theory of Flo LP is out now on Huntleys & Palmers / Kompakt – buy now from Auntie Flo’s website. ‘So In Love’ is also out now as a single – buy now from Kompakt.

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