Felix Dickinson’s Top 10 Italo (Not Italo) Tracks

It’s not a widely-known fact in house music circles, but Felix Dickinson has a little side-project going called Bastedos. The alter-ego and eponymous label specialises in disco edits, only surfacing very periodically over the last decade to release some deadly dancefloor weapons. The most recent effort was last year’s Sit on This EP, who’s title track was penned by Dickinson himself and leads the way as our favourite Bastedos material.

With a rolling bass line that has more chug than Thomas the Tank Engine, this isn’t your conventional dancefloor workout. Teasing with short bursts of euphoric piano stabs, chopped up chanting and sexed-up guitar breaks, this is track is a master in foreplay. Disco (not disco), italo (not italo), it’s a whole lot of something and a little bit of nothing at the same. Naturally then, we were delighted when Dickinson picked a playlist theme that matched the musical creativity of his mischievous moniker.

Felix Dickinson feat. Robert Owens – A Day’s Reality is out 11th Dec on Futureboogie.

“I’m not really a fan of the classic ‘Italo’ sound that much, and all of these examples of Italo tracks could quite easily fit into some different genre.”

Gaucho – ‘Dance Forever’

This was a real classic at Tonka parties, we used to call the circus track – when all the bells come in it’s so over the top it sounds like you’ve walked into a big top.

Helen – ‘Witch’

This is a mental record, love the glockenspiel break in the middle (that’s a phrase I don’t get to use enough!).

Alexander Robotnik – ‘Love Supreme’

I first heard this at Moist. Such a great record, love the percussion, quite an unusual one for Alexander Robotnik, I wish he’d made more like this.

Hypnotic Tango – ‘My Mine’

Here’s an early 80’s Italian record that was given the treatment by Frankie Knuckles to translate to the Chicago dancefloors in those early house days

Kasso – ‘Key West’

Great record, early electro from Italy, sounds like proto techno.

NOIA – ‘Do You Wanna Dance’

These guys made a few good tracks. ‘The Rule To Survive’ is probably their most well know one that’s been re-released recently with a nice remix from Prins Thomas, but this is another good one.

BWH – ‘Stop’

This is a fave of mine and was in my box for a long time. Nice slow, sleazy end of the night vibes.

Gaz Nevada – ‘Special Agent Man’

Moving into the slower, sleazy Italian section here.

Funk Machine – ‘Dance On The Groove’

This is the Italian version of the track by the French band Love International. Obviously I can’t put the original in as this is an Italian chart, so check out this version.

Selection – ‘Madly’

This has got more of a classic US boogie feel to it, but it’s got that Italian export stamp on the label, so I’m gonna call it Italo. Sue me!

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