Loyle Carner headlines Village Underground this February

South London’s Loyle Carner is an artist that has impressed us in a way very few artists have of late. A young, introspective poet with a supremely mature air, lyrics that will bring you tears, accompanied by the kind of beats that Dilla would have approved of. Mellow jazz-infused accompaniments to Loyle’s reflections and musings on his life, his pain, his thoughts and more.

Carner emanates a genuineness that is hard to find. Not afraid to admit his pain, he honestly respond to his critics, to bring film crews into the heart of his family for music videos and the like. Perhaps, aside from his sheer talent, that is why his music is so special; it feels so much more that just music for music’s sake. It’s life, loss and love.

This year Loyle has really experienced growing attention and due respect. Played out on the Beeb, gracing stages at Glastonbury, rocking up all over this Summer’s festival circuit. Following a UK tour this month – including a London show that sold out in 48 hours – he returns to the capital on 16th February to headline Village Underground. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, nab a ticket and come hear the main man preach.

Grab £12 tickets here.



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