Al Zanders – Limb Valley EP

With the accompanying information for this release consisting solely of an exchange between Mr. Jam and Mr. Huddle on a walk around an unspecified lake, we didn’t know what to expect before pressing play. What we did know is that Al Zanders (a.k.a Lodger) is behind the EP, Sheffield-based DJ and producer with a knack for soulful sampling, merging sounds of jazz origin over typical dance formats. The music we were met with lived up to expectation,with  two expertly crafted tracks sitting comfortably next to each other to take the listener up and guide them back down.

‘Long Gone’ cleverly contrasts pulsating urgency with soft piano licks that weave an instrumental narrative of their own. The track eventually carried away from its moody house beginnings on the glittering vapour-trail of these twinkling keys. A soulful vocal snippet gives a tangible voice to latch onto, for those wishing to duet in some way with the powerful piano solo. What goes up, must come down and after the uptempo A side, ‘Endcliffe Park’ breaks the fall, gently lowering the mood gradient and sliding the listener back down safely. Soothing chords are warm around the ears while percussion jams in the distance.

Limited to just 555 copies, this release won’t hang around long, bound to become as enigmatic as the Yetti handstamped on each sleeve. Cop one while you can!

Limb Valley EP is out now on LUV*JAM‘s Blind Jacks Journey imprint. Buy from Juno and most other good retailers. 

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