UK artist paints grime MCs as British nobility


Juxtaposition art has had a long history of marrying contemporary ideas with a period of antiquity in order to affect one’s perspective of what we consider normal in modern day society. Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Marcel Duchamp and Banksy have all employed this technique to full effect, and now British painter/illustrator Reuben Dangoor has put his hand to work on a series of grime MC paintings with an unique twist.

After feeling disillusioned at art galleries, watching people gush over British Renaissance-era paintings, Dangoor had a brainwave of recontextualising the big country manors, earls and dukes in the United Kingdom. Placing some of the biggest UK grime MCs in historically regal British settings, the bridge between fine art and a contemporary British subculture is blurred to brilliant effect.


StormzyWiley, Dizzee and Skepta all get the 1700s aesthetic treatment, and with the images going viral online in the last month, perhaps we can expect an fully-fledged exhibition in 2016. No stranger to internet limelight, Dangoor is also ‘that guy’ behind viral parody sensation “Being a Dickhead’s Cool”.

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