10 Track IDs from Alfresco Disco: Tunnel Vision


“Best party in Bristol since 1987 at the Sculpture Shed ( SS Great Briton) and that was bloody good. Large up Afresco Disco!” (DJ Die, 2015)

Who knows what questionable deeds Alfresco Disco did to convince Bristol City Council to allow them to block off an entire road and host a party in the street. The Council has a history of pulling licenses at the last minute, so the fact that the Alfresco Disco crew were precocious enough to even attempt Tunnel Vision should be cause for admiration.

Thankfully there was even more to celebrate than just the locale. Tunnel Vision emulated the reckless optimism of a late-80s acid house rave, but set to a soundtrack of expressive house, techno and disco. Outside, Limbic Cinema (who also took care of the visuals for our planetarium collaboration with RBMA) had lit up the derelicht Parcel Force building, offering a spell-binding visual accompaniment to sets from Boogie Café, Banoffee Pies, FallingUp, J Morrison and our very own Stamp The Wax DJs (Harri Pepper and Raoul Edwards).


The main stage occupied a tunnel underneath Temple Meads. A spectacular stage crafted from wood planks and topped with a sizeable array of lights that decorated the curved walls of the tunnel. During Just Jack’s set, one semi-naked crowd member managed to make his way onto the rig,  swinging above the dancers before descending down towards the DJs. Bouncers quickly escorted him away, amid raucous cheers from the crowd.

While location and attention to detail is something we have come to expect from Alfresco Disco, what made Tunnel Vision so special was the genuine connection that was established between the crowd. Not just through music (supplied by Futureboogie, Just Jack and J Morrison), but in the extra touches that filled the cavernous tunnel. Huge, fluorescent balloons thrown from the stage and reams of confetti falling from the ceiling helped transform the brick and steel interior into an interactive musical playground. As 11pm approached, Alfresco Disco’s residents brought the night to a jubilant close with Liquid’s classic cut ‘Sweet Harmony’. A fitting finish to one of Alfresco’s very best parties.

For a feel of what music was played, here’s 10 musical highlight across the day and evening:

Photos by ShotAway & Ross Silcocks – VIA Film & Photo Studio.

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