Stamp TV: Kojey Radical: An Open Hand Revolution

East London wordsmith Kojey Radical’s candid approach to expression through music is beginning to signal ever stronger on radars through the sea of noise that is much of the music industry today. Whilst it has been his exploits with single ‘Bambu‘ that has accelerated his recognition for its impressive lyrical insight and visual execution; look back to the DEAR DAISY: OPIUM EP and you will see this was no fluke.

His talents only begin with poetry however, donning creative director of his co-founded media agency Push Crayons and overseeing art direction at menswear brand Chelsea Bravo make him a talent to be recognised on many fronts.

Open Hand‘ is the most recent song to materialise from the Kojey’s cerebral quarters, and with the help of London producer New Machine he has delivered another thought provoking banger to ripple the waters. ‘Open Hand’ symbolises an alternative outlook on current socio-political issues – “stand beside me, not as followers but as thinkers”, challenging continued social conditioning that feeds into divisions caused by notions of race and class that often go unnoticed in the everyday – “open palms may show you our separation is man-made”. With his lyrics flowing harmoniously over forbidding 808’s, stuttering percussion and funereal guitar, a real sense of angst and appreciation for the brazen and perceptive subject is unavoidable.

We were humbled to be joined by Kojey to film a session and interview with the inspiring artist on a sunny afternoon in central London. Check out the full video above and listen to the original track in full below.

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