Ptaki’s Top 10 Polish Dance Records


Lying by a pool in Italy a whole three summers ago, we first became acquainted with the concept of Polish balearic. Bradley Zero’s show on NTS was the facilitator and Ptaki the creators, with some of the warmest, most blissed out productions you’d hope to hear, released on The Very Polish Cutouts. Fast forward to 2015 and the Warsaw duo are still going strong, having recently penned one of our favourite LPs of the year and sitting pretty as one of the ambassadors for a burgeoning Polish movement in dance music. So who better to ask, than Jaromir and Bartozs, to select their favourite Polish productions to get a dance floor moving.  

Ptaki play comm•une at Dance Tunnel on 23rd October, alongside General Ludd, O’Flynn & Tom Blip.


Sonar Soul – Adore (Eltron John Dub) 

Eltron John is a really talented fella from Cracow, who also happens to be our close friend. This is one of his lesser known remixes, that unfortunately came out only as digital in 2010. I really like the dubby, stripped down, yet very charming and summery feel of it. Perfect track for outdoor sets.

SLG – Varsovia Marimba

This guy is a relentless Polish legend, who released over the years on such diverse labels as Studio Barnhus, Pets or Trapez, to name a few. ‘Varsovia Marimba’ is the title track from his recent EP, a perfect slice of relaxed house with wonderful dubby bassline and elegant digi-marimba lines. Listen to this in the middle of a field during sunny afternoon and you will embrace the sound of Polo House.

Das Komplex – Narkoleptyczni Trochę

Another fat slice of dubby, sensimilla-infused house from Poland’s Baltic coast. Das Komplex is little known even in his motherland, but a string of quality EP’s on labels like STEP and FASRAT will definitely change that. “Narkoleptyczni Trochę” is his best production up to date in my opinion.

Selvy – Gotta Have It 

Polish house wunderkind’s own take on 90’s American and Italian house brings you perfect balance of deep musical sensibility and dancefloor utility. This one works everywhere everytime!

Zeppy Zep – Sztuki

Another digital only tune that should’ve come out on wax. It’s actually a remix of one of Polish hardcore hiphop hits, recorded in 1997 by Molesta, Warsaw’s answer to Mobb Deep. Zeppy Zep is usually associated with contemporary beat scene, but this remix sounds more like a crossover between DJ Nature and Rick Wade than Hudson Mohawke. Fantastic mid tempo chugger.


Ever Moving- Mirror’s Edge/Becoming 

One of the most sought-after EPs of 2014. Good luck finding a copy. Bought mine at Music & Goods Exchange. A mix of Drexciyan tracks and deep house.

Jam Electric – Saturday Night Fever 

Polish disco house track from a CD compilation coming with a cult popculture magazine Machina. Heavily sampling Bee-Gees.

Heroiny (Dunno Recordings Sample Vol. 1) 

I’m a big fan of Piotr Kurek’s work. Heroiny is his more “dance” oriented alter ego. Check out his live set for Boiler Room or a new age session for URSSS.

Kuba Sojka – Mysterious Intrigue 

Great jazz/house piece from Sojka’s album on Mathematics that came out in 2011.

Robotobibok – Podroz do Meksyku 

Jazz-dance from a regular band based in Wroclaw, Poland. Coming from their debut album.

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