Premiere: Werkha feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Sidesteppin’ (Henry Wu Remix)

The music of 23-year-old Manchester-based producer Werkha has occupied a special place in our record bags for quite a while now. Maybe it’s his intricate mix of deep, jazzy and worldly influences, or simply the finished product’s infectious charm; either way the producer/multi-instrumentalist has a bit of knack for cooking up forward-thinking electronic beats.

Following Colours Of A Red Brick Raft, his debut album for Brighton-based label Tru Thoughts, Tom Leah is back once more this year with a brand new single dropping 23rd October called ‘The Invisible’, featuring contagious melodies from Scandinavian vocalist Alex Rita. Among a host of reworks from J-Felix, Shunya and Jonny Faith, South London’s Henry Wu bobs his head up for a remix of what is arguably one of Werkha’s most accomplished tracks to date.

Found on Werkha’s debut LP, ’Sidesteppin’‘ is a soulful track with real fervour, and its newly clothed re-appearance is a pleasure to devour. At the capable hands of Henry Wu, Pinto’s catchy vocal melody is chopped up and enmeshed amongst syrupy pads and arp-infused synths that penetrates the air in between a swelling broken beat rhythm.   

Henry Wu’s remix appears on Werkha’s new single ‘The Invincible’, which drops 23rd October via Tru Thoughts.

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