New RA Series Sees Artists Create Music From Former US Spy Station


As part of a new feature series in collaboration with minimalist headphone pioneers AIAIAI, Resident Advisor took Berlin’s Modeselektor, Laurel Halo and Lotic on a trip to the eerie outskirts of Teufelsberg in West Berlin for an exploration of limitless creativity around a now defunct US spy station.

The concept behind RA and AIAIAI’s Frequency Response series is to expose the three artists to a range of stimuli (history, art and video) who will then respond in turn with a piece of unique music inspired by the experience.

History marks the first concept in the three-part series, placing the artists amongst a hauntingly derelict site that dates back to World War II, hosting an unfinished Nazi military-technical college and Cold War era radar domes to boot.


Each artist absorbed their surroundings and made intimate field recordings around the site. With staggering reverbs that picked up even the slightest whisper, the three artists sampled finger snaps, scraped footsteps and even choral singing to compile their own separate compositions in the studio.

Alongside stunning imagery from their excursion, RA is hosting the artists’ response to the challenge alongside their own personal stories and thoughts from the project. Head here to listen to each of their inspired tracks and discover the feature in full, and keep your eyes peeled the next part in the series coming soon.

Frequency Response aims to explore artists’ creativity in a unique and open-ended way. It’s in this spirit that AIAIAI developed the TMA-2 Modular headphone, a system that was designed to meet the cross-purpose needs of the modern electronic artist.

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