Premiere: Generation Next – Ender

Generation Next represents one part of the exciting new wave of producers from Detroit alongside people like Kyle Hall and Jay Daniel, and has put out a string of consistent, under-the-radar releases since 2012.

His new EP, Ender, shows a producer capitalising on being given ample space on his father’s label to develop his sound. Previous EPs like his Generation Next self-titled from last year and his tracks from the Like Father Like Son EP were full of relaxed house structures and warm leads, and maybe could have been criticised for a lack of immediacy – suitable for a quiet moment in a warm up set or for home listening but not more.

The first track on his new EP, ‘Ender’ immediately sets about refuting this with ravey pianos and a bubbly bassline that finds its way through the mix at opportune moments to create something that could be used propulsively at almost any time of night. ‘Dream States‘ reverts to more relaxed templates, but clever use of classic drum machine sounds and a tastefully clanging lead line keeps it interesting. Finally there’s ‘Joni‘, an EP highlight, which takes ideas from Omar-S for sound design but crafts them into something refined and subtle. The EP is a step forward for Generation Next and cements his status amongst those young Detroit producers to watch keenly.

Generation Next’s Ender is available now via 7 Days Ent.

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