Preview: Oneohtrix Point Never Live A/V Set at Village Underground


When: 8th November 2015
Where: Village Underground, London

This November the London-based Illuminations event series welcomes Oneohtrix Point Never to play a live A/V set at one of London’s best and open-minded creative art and music spaces.

OPN, real name Daniel Lopatin, is one of America’s premium contemporary composers whose take on ambient, new age and electronica has seen him gain a cult following over his eight year career. Influenced by his love of polyphonic synthesizers and endless childhood jam sessions with his father’s musical equipment, Lopatin began his career by releasing a slew of cassette recordings and a number of full-length recordings between 2007 and 2009.

Yet it wasn’t until the release of his 2010 Returnal and its follow up Replica in 2011 that Lopatin began receiving international acclaim for his futuristic synthesiser recordings. This attention led to an acclaimed album with Warp Records in 2013 which showcased a more melodic and detailed side to OPN’s productions, yet still retained the strangeness and originality of his previous works.

As an artist with such a diverse catalogue OPN has cemented himself as one of the most exciting artists of recent years and definitely one not to be missed this November.

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