Junktion – Running From Whatever EP

Hans Peeman is a serious man about town, juggling responsibilities as co-founder and A&R head honcho at Outplay Records, one half of Fouk and releasing under his solo moniker Junktion. Now, having had an instant sellout EP on Amsterdam/Copenhagen-based imprint Sleazy Beats Black Ops, the equally renowned Rose Records release two club ready killers from the Netherlands local.

‘Running From Whatever’ rolls in with a hearty bass and mirrored chord progression giving the foundations for a squelching horn melody to command centre stage. The break cranks up the LFO wobble along with cleverly placed vocal samples and warm pads, exuding that feel good summertime sound that’s clear in many of Peeman’s productions.

Turn over and you’ve got yourself a more late night affair in the shape of ‘Pale Blue Dot’. Underneath a driving kick it’s main synth stabs have an air of discordant trippiness to them, frenetic but fitting. Loftier heights await with the stabs giving way to floaty arps and space age synth work, providing a suitably ethereal breakdown. When it all bangs back you can see Peeman’s sound is not just confined to the low slung house groove but has some proper club weaponry at the ready too.

Junktion’s Running From Whatever is out 26th July 2015 and available via OYE-Records (limited to one per customer).


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