Rapper secretly records entire album in Apple store

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Phatass (Prince Harvey At The Apple Store Soho) is Prince Harvey’s new album, recorded entirely using a display laptop in Apple’s New York outlet store. The GarageBand app and the laptop’s inbuilt microphone became the rapper’s complete studio at which he would stand for up to four or five hours a day keeping a low voice and enduring stares by onlooking shoppers for his odd outbursts of profanities. Trying to keep up a low profile, Harvey dressed inconspicuously in black jeans, black coat and white shoes. “As far as fashion goes, I’m pretty flamboyant, but I wanted to draw as little attention to myself as possible”, he said.

After losing his own equipment when both his flat and possessions were seized for previously owed rent; Harvey was left with only the clothes on his back and was forced to start recording his half-completed album from scratch. For four months Harvey began making trips to the Apple store and eventually began recording there everyday.

Initially he was moved along by the store staff. “There were two employees who then said: ‘Hey, what he’s doing is really positive and creative. If anything, him demo-ing the equipment will drive sales.’ At the mention of sales, the managers kind of got with it.”

With the managers coming round to the idea of the possibility of free press, Harvey stayed on and finished recording the album, almost becoming a genius himself. “People would also ask me for tips on GarageBand – after a while I almost felt like a surrogate employee there.”

The full album is released on the 27th of this month but you can check out the first single ‘Sometimes’ and previous work on his Soundcloud here.

Source: The Guardian

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