E.L.I.O. – Low Profile

Truly memorable first releases come only rarely – and here we have a double header. The label Dancing Like Quagmire’s debut release comes from a similarly unfamiliar producer E.L.I.O., the 4 tracks covering a lot of ground whilst remaining cohesive.

Opener ‘Low Profile’ has wonderful drums that seems to regularly fall just off beat – injecting a powerful groove that is met by low-slung keys. Meanwhile, ‘2 my dawgs’ sounds like the summer that would follow a Move D Workshop release in autumn, borrowing some of the production tropes but none of the melancholy.

Kosme’s remix of ‘Low Profile’ adds a welcome move away from the nostalgic-but-content feeling that is the emotional core of this record, deciding instead to create something darker and more reserved. The remix adds some wonderful ideas, with a roughed up, early Detroit style synthesiser line and preset strings that get away with their naivety through sparing use. ‘Back Home’ closes the record, taking the drum programming of ‘Low Profile’ to its logical conclusion – this really could be a live drummer having fun, with stop/start breakbeats controlling the energy of the track. The best touch here is the Terre Thaemlitz style piano – one extended, almost atonal chord slamming down and then echoing into nothingness.

The pre-order of E.L.I.O.’s Low Profile will be available soon via Dancing Like Quagmire

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