Premiere: Dan Beaumont – Spirit Talkin’

Described to us as 2015’s answer to Floorplan’s ‘Never Grow Old’, we’ve been eager to wrap our ears around the lead track on Dan Beaumont‘s new EP for some time.

Coming out on Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records, it’s hard to believe how Beaumont has time to make music this good, in between running Dalston Superstore, Dance Tunnel and Voodoo Ray’s, regular DJ slots AND heading up Disco Bloodbath. Time-management appreciation aside, here’s why we think it’ll be a festival staple this year, having already made its mark on Glastonbury.

The track’s swelling kick and syncopated claps make you feel at home, even before the main hook has presented itself. Hard hitting hi-hats and the slowly building vocal sample all seem familiar too. One of the strongest elements of the track, the female Aretha Franklin-esque vocal might be its crowning glory, but is not the only factor in its success. This is more of an ensemble piece, with all the parts fitting together, falling away at the right moments and making for an exquisite piece of dancefloor-ready goodness.

Spirit Talkin’ it out 13th July, accompanied by a remix from Spencer Parker; grab it on pre-order from Juno. Dan Beaumont plays Farr Festival 2015 on 17th July for Ransom Note & Society.

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