Premiere: VI. – Take Your Time (ft. Poppy Ajudha)

Giving us very little to go on except his name, VI. is the mysterious new project from a London producer who seems to be no stranger to the music game. Understood to be taking a backseat from the microphone, the talented VI. has situated himself solely on a production tip, focusing his attention on marrying the perfect vocalists to the perfect beat.

Taken from the self-titled VI. EP, we’re excited to give you a first listen to the opening track ‘Take Your Time’. As deep as it is smooth, VI. strips it back to the bare essentials to support the powerful and venturous vocals of Poppy Ajudha with wild swing. Warm rumbly bass sits aside an echoing kit, played tight on the upbeats and lazy on the rest. Finally, a mixture of Rhodes and electric piano holds everything together with a touch of modal jazz as Ajudhas’ intense vocals do the talking.

VI. EP – out this summer via LadenLife Music –  is the first release from the LadenLife family, a group of artists who have come together to form a new movement of music.  

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