Snoop Dogg Campaigns For Twitter CEO Position

snoop slither

There are certain things in the world that you assume just won’t happen. For instance, no matter how hard he tries, Kanye won’t walk on water. There is one miracle however that the world is closer to actualising. Following lower-than-expected revenues, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is to step down on July 1st. Having announced the news on Twitter, one California native immediately snapped up his chance to be counted as his replacement. Calvin Cordozar Broads Jr. (or Snoop Dogg/Lion to you and I) launched his campaign via a simple tweet: “I’m ready to lead“. The hashtag #SnoopforCEO is now being used by his fans to great effect. The offshoot #ifSnoopwasTwitterCEO is also garnering a lot of support.

A few of the highlights are suggestions that Snoop would use a weed leaf instead of a check for verified users and calls for him to increase the character limit from 140 to 420. Geddit?!

Although the multinational have already announced that co-founder Jack Dorsey will be filling the position in the interim, that didn’t stop betting firm Paddy Power from inviting people to throw their money away with odds of 100/1 for Snoop to be given the role. Here’s hoping it happens! Who doesn’t want to live in a world where Snoop is running Twitter.

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