FYI Chris – Back In The Millennium

Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section are one of those promoters who always seem to book your new favourite act just before you hear about them. Accordingly, their run of good taste is sufficiently mirrored when it comes to the Rhythm Section INTL record label too. Following alluring releases from Al Dobson JR, Prequel and Local Artist, the label has been quick to scout out FYI Chris, made up of Peckham-based duo Chris Watson and Chris Coupe.

Back In The Millennium is their 4-track EP, dancing between dusty house and melancholic acid bump. ‘Jeru’ is a grinding piece of down-beat techno, kept under control by its slow pace. Title track ‘Back In The Millennium’ sits more on a hypnotic house vibe, mixing chalky rhythms, chord stabs and soft horn lines with miscellaneous voice samples. The highlight for us though has to be ‘Need I Say More’, built around a clever contradiction by turning a peak time dance floor MCDE-style vocal call into something much more inward-looking with eerie production.

Back In The Millennium is available to buy now on digi and vinyl via the Rhythm Section bandcamp page.

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