Norway to become the first country to shut down FM Radio


With digital broadcasting being embraced by most major and minor broadcasters, FM radio is on a slow decline. But even in the UK, as one of the biggest advocates of internet and digital radio, if you switch your stereo back to the FM channels, you’ll still be able to hear the familiar voices and music on the airwaves.

Not in Norwary, as of 2017, who are set to become the first country to switch off FM radio transmission altogether. It costs eight times as much to transmit, lacks clarity and can hold only 5 national channels in the country, as opposed to over 40 on DAB. While the announcement is sad to those that are nostalgic about ‘the wireless’, this can only be a good thing for a broadcasting medium that is steadily on the decline. Perhaps the clarity of audio and the larger choice of channels will spur a resurgence in listening figures, but it remains to be seen. Switch-off begins on 11th January 2017 in Norway, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this signals a domino effect across Europe.

Source: The Verge

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