Chris Farrell’s Top 10 Tracks for After Hours Listening at Idle Hands


Idle Hands boss and one third of the BRSTL imprint, Chris Farrell is a key figure in the current musical climate of Bristol. The golden days of drum n bass, the city’s trademark dubstep and bass sounds, the galvanised house scene and beyond – Chris has witnessed it all first hand through both the label and shop elements of Idle Hands. As well as this, Chris’ enthusiasm for vinyl extends to him DJing regularly in and around the city, fueled by the passion for making people dance.

When chatting to Chris recently, we asked him to shortlist the top ten tracks he regularly sticks on after they lock the doors at Idle Hands. He went on to explain: ‘It was very tempting to just list the last ten grime videos I watched on YouTube, or a list of classic R&B and hip hop tracks that Sean Kelly [of The Kelly Twins] and I used to watch religiously with a beer in hand when we opened the shop, but they both kind of felt like easy options. Instead, I’ve gone for some of the quirkier bits I find myself listening to. Stuff that reminds me of being a teenager (or shows my age), the records that I can’t afford and have to make do watching on YouTube. Just be thankful I’ve spared you from any country selections.’

Chris Farrell plays RBMA Radio live at Idles Hands on Saturday, a free event as part of Bristol’s leg of the RBMA UK Tour. Appleblim, Hodge, Shanti Celeste, Felix Dickinson, DJ Krust and Troy Gunner also join. More info on Facebook.

The Fall – ‘Behind The Counter’
A brilliant Fall single from their underrated early 1990s phase.

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – ‘Peanut Dispenser’
A firm favourite as a 13 year old in Worcester. Still the greatest garage rock band to come out of Wales.

Happy Mondays – ‘Tart Tart’
I love the Mondays, another formative band of my youth.

Maximum Joy – ‘White & Green Place’
Joyous post punk from this legendary Bristol band.

Cluster – ‘Caramel’
Great track from one of my favourite German bands.

Sam the Sham and The Pharoahs – ‘Big City Lights’
I got this as a teenager on 7″, a superb B-side to ‘Ju Ju Hand‘.

Soft Machine – ‘Why Are We Sleeping?’
I’ve been trying to find a copy of their first LP for the last few months. Only ever had it on tape.

San Francisco TKO’s – ‘Make Up Your Mind’
My dad put me on to this last year, I’ll get it on 7″ eventually.

Double – ‘Captain of Her Heart’
A recent ear worm that got lodged in my brain after hearing on local radio. That piano riff.

Electronic – ‘Getting Away With It’
I could easily have done this list as my favourite New Order, Smiths and Pet Shop Boys tracks, but I opted for a tune that bought my love of those three groups together. Loved this one since I was a pop-obsessed pre-teen.

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