King So So – Disco In The Sky

During the Boiler Room show for the Beats In Space 15th Anniversary, a very drunk Tim Sweeney began his set with a vocal track, which later grew to be acid-laced, and this is it. Not much is known about King So So. It could be an alias of a well known producer, or a new kid on the block, we aren’t sure. However, the one thing we are certain of is that this track is a stonker. Kompakt offshoot Hippie Dance, created with love by Pachanga Boys, clearly agreed with these sentiments and released the record a few months back. It’s the kind of track that initially slips under the crowd’s radar, only to open the floodgates for ID requests once the set is posted online for nostalgic listen-backs.

The track itself begins with a repeated vocal, filtered into and out of focus. Periodic bassy synth stabs give the promise of so much to come, but it’s really two minutes before any melody kicks in. When it finally does though, rattling percussion is added to the mix and by the time the track completely gives way to the arpeggiated melody, you are sure to have your fist pumping in the air – whether you’re out or just sitting in your living room.

Hearing this live, played by Optimo at Krankbrother and Phonica’s event, was truly magical. The vocals serve as the perfect hook to stick in your mind. The difference is that, instead of singing along like a football chant on the dancefloor, people all around us were silently mouthing the words, drawing us all in together in a way which very few tracks are able to create. We’re looking forward to the next time it graces a dancefloor we are lucky enough to be on.

King So So’s ‘Disco In The Sky’ is out now via Hippie Dance, and available to buy from Kompakt.

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