Fred P’s Top 10 Radio Hits from High School

fred p

Fred Peterkin (aka Fred P) is certainly no newcomer to the world of house and techno. As the founder and label boss of Soul People Music alongside a busy calendar touring as a DJ, Fred P has long been a tastemaker, who confesses that he is ‘hopelessly in love with this music’. Also releasing under the aliases Black Jazz Consortium and Anomaly, Peterkin has explored the deeper, more melodic aspects of techno and found great success in the process. The Brooklyn-born producer has spoken about the spiritual side of dance music and his tireless work ethic has pushed him and his label to become some of the most respected in the industry.

Fred is joining us on Friday for our Bristol party with Shapes at the Crown Courts and Police Cells alongside Anthony Naples and Funkineven. Here he chooses the top ten radio hits that catapult him back to his junior high and high school days.

Vesta – ‘Don’t Blow a Good Thing’
Some of the best pop that commercial radio in the 1980s had to offer. This was in rotation on morning radio. I would hear it the same time everyday before school. I always thought it was Chaka Khan until I saw the album cover.

Kenny Loggins – ‘This Is It’
This tune is a hallmark for me because I learned about Michael McDonald. His trademark background vocal and choral work still keeps me coming back to it, over and over, after all these years.

Madonna – ‘Justify my Love’
This tune was all about the club. I remember hearing this when it first came out, in the middle of the night at the Sound Factory. It was like someone dropped a bomb on that place. It erupted into total chaos.

Luther Vandross – ‘Searching’
One of my favourites. Most of my memories attached to this song are centered around my family and Coney Island. It was the the tune playing in the car on the way to the boardwalk, or at the disco bumper cars. When this record came out, it leveled everything in its path. Total classic.

Billy Ocean – ‘Nights (Feel Like Gettin’ Down)’
This was another big Coney track. This tune was in rotation at the Himellaya which was a popular ride where dance music was played with a proper DJ spinning all night. People would gather there and just dance and not even go on the ride. This song often got the party started.

Prince – ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Parker’
When I heard this record, something shifted. I remember I was still asleep when I heard the cords coming from my radio. Up until this point, I had never heard anything like it. Bluesy jazzed out arrangement, yet electronic – pure brilliance.

The Police – ‘When the World is Running Down’
Perhaps one of the best bands in the 1980s. Junior high would not have been the same without them. Countless hits under their belts, but this one rings true today and still rocks a dancefloor.

Talking Heads – ‘Once in a Lifetime’
Yet another Coney track, and one that still moves crowds. This one was in constant rotation on the radio. I would hear it all throughout the day on multiple stations. Well deserved as it’s a classic.

Ta Mara & The Seen – ‘Affection’
Kool DJ Red Alert use to play this tune in the middle of his master mix on Saturday night. The station was Kiss FM and I spent every Saturday night doing Graff in my bedroom taping the show so I would have music for the coming school week.
Fond memories of this one.

The System – ‘You Are in My System’
This record touches me on so many levels. It’s a favorite of mine and, at the right time, I may pull this one out and play it from beginning to end. It’s a song about infatuation and passion. A true gem. I totally love this timeless wonder.


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