Watch Vessel perform live with Immix Ensemble at Tate Britain

Committed to uncovering the latest evolution and innovation in sound, Philips and Noisey’s You Need To Hear This platform is back with yet another alluring exposé of left-field ventures in music.

Their latest reveal shines a light on the enticing collaborative venture last October between Bristol-based artist Sebastian Gainsborough (aka Vessel) and members of Liverpool’s performance collective Immix Ensemble for a special live performance at the Tate Britain.

Honing in on the theme of transition, the collaboration brings together live classical instrumentation and experimental sonics with a seamlessly optic narrative courtesy of visual artist Sam Wiehl. The short doc captures a snapshot of their performance earlier this year, bringing the foreign element of sound into an ordinarily silent space where call and response between saxophone, violin and Vessel’s own soundscapes fills the lofty venue end to end.

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