Music for Cutting Your Toenails To, picked by Lobster Theremin’s Jimmy Asquith


If you’ve strayed near a dark and stormy dancefloor in the Technoverse lately, you have most likely been on the sharp end of tracks from one of the most exciting and prolific labels to crawl out of the UK. The brilliantly-titled Lobster Theremin helmed by Londoner Jimmy Asquith came out swinging in 2013 with Palms Trax’s brilliant Equation EP and, in less than 18 months, have put out a staggering 23 releases from a global roster of talent. Taking in influences from Detroit techno, Chicago house, acid and electro, every release seems to balance intoxicating deep, dark rhythms with a light touch that holds you in its grasp.

Already on to their fifth release of 2015, the next incoming 12″ is another lush house-leaning affair from Budapest producer Route 8 on their White Series, fresh off the back of a lights-off techno affair from Vancouver’s 1800HaightStreet. We asked him to send over a playlist that reflects his current state of mind and he sent over this marvellously titled piece. We envy the toenails who are cut to this soundtrack.

Faculty presents a Lobster Theremin label showcase in Bristol tomorrow. £6 tickets available here.

Prostitutes – Psychedelic Black EP

This whole EP changed the way I thought about techno, lo-fi and noise music. It’s really crusty and disgusting and fucked, but without being overly harsh. Only 100 were ever pressed but it’s what kicked up interest in Jim Donadio’s Prostitutes alias. If you look, he also has over 280k Soundcloud followers too, which is great.

The Afternoon Exchange – The Afternoon Exchange EP

More of Jim’s stuff! He told me over email that he hated this but it is one of the best ambient EPs I’ve ever heard, a true genius. I feel like his more recent releases have seen him compromise himself a bit though. Maybe due to the extra interest

Terrence Dixon – Return Of The Speaker People (Kasuto’s Sudden Aphasia Mix)

A little-known remix of Terrence Dixon that fully justifies it sitting alongside Dixon’s original output. Cheeky, jackin’, ghostly, disturbing and overall fun. Baggy white Youtube tee crew will go mad for this one.

Snow Bone – Lost In Machine Code

A track with a lead noise that sounds like someone ripping up carpets. Snow Bone is Britain’s answer to Terrence Dixon in both his vision and incredibly creative output. When those guy get trapped in loop-world there’s no heading home. This one at least develops into something approaching an actual playable club track haha.

Newworldaquarium – Trespassers

A lighter number from Newworldaquarium. Lovely filtered house from another understated genius. I imagine this informed quite a bit of Huerco S’s output, especially his Royal Crown of Sweden edit bit on Proibito. Weirdly, this guy also owns an amazing beer shop in Amsterdam and I had the joy or going there (I love beer).

Faculty presents a Lobster Theremin label showcase in Bristol tomorrow. £6 tickets available here.

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