Judge Rules that Courtney Love is not as famous as Marlon Brando

Courtney Love

In a bizarre ruling, Courtney Love has been told that she is not as famous as The Godfather star, Marlon Brando.

Love was being sued by Dawn Simorangkir in one of the first twibel (Twitter libel) cases, when Love took to Twitter to accuse the designer of being a ‘drug-pushing, thieving prostitute’. With that case losing Love $430,000, you’d think she’d stop there, but instead she took to the radio airwaves to repeat her allegations and taunted the designer again.

In fresh documents filed last week, Courtney Love’s legal team are arguing that because of the ‘celebrity’ status of both parties, her comments were made ‘in the public interest’. This line of defence was used by Marlon Brando’s legal team when stories of his housekeeper appearing in his will ‘to the exclusion of his heirs’ were seen as in the public interest. The court said of Love that ‘nothing in the record in this case suggests that the defendant has the public interest or following that Brando had’.

Celebrities take note: if you want your insults to really sting, get a court ruling to make it official.

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