Johnny Depp to form supergroup with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry

Alice Cooper

Last month, in an interview as part of his press tour for new comedy film Mortdecai, Depp made his feelings about actors who dabble in music extremely clear, calling them ‘sickening’ and saying that the ‘Johnny Depp Band […] won’t ever exist’. Maybe it’s his post-wedding hormones surging, then, that have made him forget entirely about this little rant, as he has just announced the birth of music supergroup with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry (guitarist of Aerosmith) called The Hollywood Vampires.

This name has been used before by Cooper, when he was working with his rock legend drinking buddies – namely Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon and Ringo Starr. Perhaps a slight step down musically for the band’s lineup, Alice Cooper may be looking to Depp’s success in other fields to bolster the band’s popularity and support. It could be that Depp is actually in the same musical league. I guess we’ll have to wait until September, when the band have their first booking, to find out. The Hollywood Vampires will play at the Rock In Rio Festival alongside Queens Of The Stone Age.

It still remains hilarious how much of a U-turn the star has made, having said that he ‘hates the idea’ of actor-musicians, but having played with Cooper numerous times and also recording blues jams with Paul McCartney in the past year, maybe it was all just a mighty load of hot air.

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