Jojo Abot x Peter Matson – S.T.V

Ghanaian afro-soul and jazz singer Jojo Abot comes together with Peter Matson of Brooklyn-based ensemble Underground System for ‘S.T.V’ (Stop The Violence), a colourful offering of afrobeat paired with a strong social message. The track originally began as a remix of an original track of the same name by Chicago jazz legend Bill Dickens, though it sets itself apart with high-life guitar licks, 8-bit arpeggiators and a mellow house shuffle that complements Abot’s passionate calls to end world violence. 

‘S.T.V’ is free to download over on Souncloud, and is part of the Stop The Violence World Remix Project, raising awareness and addressing the issue of violence in the world through the power of music and social media. Check out their Tumblr for more info.

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