Imogen Heap’s magic gloves could redefine music making


Developed under Imogen Heap‘s watchful eye, the Mi.Mu gloves were first unveiled at global technology convention around three years ago. Through working further with developers, they are now close to being ready for the wider market, and at a more affordable cost. In the demonstration video (see below), the ‘Hide & Seek’ singer demonstrates the gloves’ music-making capabilities, using a computer interface and hand gestures to program everything from pitch regulation to arpeggiator control. Eradicating buttons and computer mouse-clicking altogether, Heap rightfully professes that the technology allows for a much more expressive method of sound creation. The gloves work with the use of bend sensors that measure the exact positioning and shaping of the hand.

In short, the possibilities with technology are mind boggling. Currently priced at approximately £2,600 (and set to lower over time), this is a piece of technology that could be shaping music-making within the next five years, if not already. The best part is that they are being developed completely not for profit and are aimed at not just musicians, but visual artists and hackers.

Cick here to see more of what Mi.Mu do, and watch the demonstration video below.

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