The 5 Weirdest Pieces of DJ Merchandise

With music revenues falling and newer ways of listening to music failing to properly reimburse artists, who can blame people for trying to earn some more cash from merchandise? Here, however, are five of the most poorly thought out pieces of dance music merch on the web.

5. PPU Wallet


Peoples Potential Unlimited has become the label du jour, releasing much loved records from the likes of Moon B and Pender Street Steppers. This wallet is a clear misstep though, reminding us of the first wallet our mum bought us to store our weekly £1.50 pocket money.

4. Evian Christ Boxers

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 08.20.02

The ‘accident’ of Evian Christ ordering 500 pairs of boxers with his name on – genuine miscommunication or clever marketing ploy? Either way, it was one of the funniest oddball stories of 2014.

3. Kompakt Wooden Cube With Speicher Logo

Silly as PPU and Evian Christ’s efforts were, at least they had some purpose. This gigantic wooden cube costs €250 and is totally pointless. Has anyone ever actually bought one? That promotional video of the cube spinning on a turntable is pretty hilarious too.

2. ENTER Toothbrush

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 08.27.36

I wonder how much input Richie Hawtin’s ENTER brand had in this ‘collaboration’ with the upscale toothbrush designer, Yumaki. Regardless, one question still hangs in the air: ‘why?’.

1. FXHE Ice Tray with Omar S Logo


Of course Omar S has branded ice cube trays available in a range of colours. If not him, who else would? These are funny enough that we might actually buy them, and that’s why they’re top of the list.

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