Is William Onyeabor making a comeback?

William Onyeabor

A new song has surfaced from the snyth-funk pioneer.

Since self-releasing a number of albums in the 70s and 80s, then stepping away from the limelight, the legend of William Onyeabor and his music has steadily grown: a crate-digger’s holy grail; then the secret weapon of DJs like Four Tet and Daphni; then brought into wider consumption thanks two reissues and a cover album from New York label Luaka Bop. Vice even managed to track him down, but the elusive musician had no interest in embracing his past endeavours. Or so it seemed.

The first Onyeabor recording for almost 30 years has recently been unearthed, uploaded last year on gospel channel Divine Praise. Titled ‘Thank You Jesus’ or ‘Many Mansions’, it combines that characteristic Onyeabor sound, with the evangelical influences of a life spent devoted to religion. Instantly catchy, you’ll find yourself hitting repeat, not just for the chorus but for the wonderful visuals that accompany the music. 

Could this signal a William Onyeabor comeback in 2015?


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