City Guide: MNDSGN presents L.A.

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Inspired by the Nas lyrics, ‘my mind is seeing through your design like blind fury’, Mndsgn (pronounced ‘mind design’) is somewhat of anomaly within the catacombs of the LA beat scene. Known legally as Ringgo Ancheta, he first developed a taste for crate-digging and beat-making growing up in rural New Jersey, eventually gravitating to the West Coast and signing with legendary hip-hop label Stones Throw Records.

Mndsgn’s debut album Yawn Zen was released on the label back in August, carving out his own blissful space amongst the post-Dilla generation of MPC junkies that entangle themselves amongst the golden backdrop of LA’s paradisaical beat scene. A mixture of 8-bit inspired video game sounds, eighties disco samples, Dilla-esque swing and his own velvety vocals, the twelve-track LP paints a calming picture of the city in which he now resides.

As part of our City Guide series, we got Mndsgn to take us on a virtual tour around his city, giving you a definitive guide to the best record stores, coffee shops, music venues and viewpoints of Los Angeles. Alongside this, Ringgo has recorded an exclusive mix of 100% local music to accompany his guide to the city, so you can immerse yourself to the fullest.

Below you can find an annotated Google Map of MNDSGN’s guide to Los Angeles, accompanied by detailed explanations of every place pinned.

1. Favourite places to buy records?

Poobah Records/Amoeba Records

2. Favourite live music venue?

I don’t go out much these days but Low End Theory is still holdin it down.

3. Favourite outdoor party?

Again, I don’t go out much, but LET also has an outdoor section which also features guest performances.

4. Best view of the city?

Griffith park will give you a good, central view of the city. There’s also Cahuenga Peak in North Hollywood. There’s too many actually.

5. The place to experience something unique to L.A.?

Self Realization Centers.

6. Favourite coffeeshop?

Not much of a coffee dude but right down the street from me is Cafe de Leche, thats the joint. Iced Horchatas….

7. The first place you miss after leaving L.A.?

The lab.

8. Where will you find the friendliest, most interesting locals to have a chat with?

Friendliness comes in many degrees. Lotta interesting folks in Highland Park tho.

9. Best place to see another medium of art other than music?

The streets & the people that walk them.

10. Best L.A. grub?

Damn near every family owned street taco stand/truck. York blvd got the realest selections.

11. Is there a person (dead or alive) who encapsulates L.A. for you?

Reggae Pops. One of the first times I visited LA, I seen him killin the dance floor at Do Over. That energy, at that age, says it all. RIP.

12. Tell us a little about the mix you made for us. Where did you record it and are there any particular tracks/artists you want to shout about?

Did this mix in my hotel room in Linz with the slight case of homesickness. Compiled are some of selections from a few the homies, unreleased material, a chris montez track from ’68, as well as some unearthed iphone recordings.

13. Lastly, who are some of your favourite up-and-coming producers/artists/rappers coming out of L.A right now?

Everyone in the mix! Enjoy +++

14. Tracklist?
1. Tommy on da keys
2. Ahwlee – Neglect
3. Mndsgn – Unreleasd Sht.
4. Chris Montez – Watch What Happens
5. Blu ft. Joyce Wrice – He Man
6. Pyramid Vritra – Track Three
7. SIR – In The Sky
8. Mndsgn – Unreleasd Sht.
9. D/P/I – Work
10. Formerboys – Sleepwalk
11. Matthewdavid – In My World
12. Ahnnu – Solo
13. Cat 500 – L5*
14. Jamma Dee – Y Not Me?
15. Kay Franklin – Dollar
16. Yuk – Foolmoon(a)alt
17. Bernard on da guitar
18. Zeroh – Erika, wait
19. Mndsgn – WhodatwhodatwhodatWHO.rmx
20. Mndsgn – 5starchiq.rmx
21. Silk Rhodes – The System

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