Mr. G’s Top 10 Records To Relax To (with a good glass of rum)


Colin McBean has been making waves in the industry for over two decades now, using monikers such as Mr. G, Mango Boy and forming one part of The Advent. His influence can be seen in today’s resurgence of techno artists in the UK and around the world. No stranger to the LP format, Mr. G’s debut album – released only four years ago on Rekids – garnered him with praise from DJs and the press alike.

Having started his own label (Phoenix G in 1999) primarily to release his own material, McBean came out with his third studio album last month. Coming up with the whole material of his first album in just ten days, this is the first time he has stepped foot inside the studio since his father’s death. The Personal Momentz LP is an extension of his characteristic sound, heavy on the samples and hypnotic, sleazy analogue beats.

Below, Mr. G presents a selection of his favourite records to relax to while drinking rum by the fire, and we’ve picked a favourite from each record, just for good measure.

Moodymann – Moodymann (KDJ)

The Master – only Kenny can make you think…WTF? Detroit as it should be!

Our pick: ‘Sloppy Cosmic’

Joe Gibbs – African Dub (Chapter 1) (Globe)

Proper dub all about playing live on the board as you feel it…..How many of my records will sound anywhere near as good as this old analogue recording how many years later ?

Our pick: ‘Lovers Serenade’

LTJ International – LTJ in Bologna (Chapter 2) (Dom)

Old soul and ballads are a passion, but yet there are few killers on here I’ve no idea who they are.

Our pick: Emotion – ‘Merry Clayton’

V/A – Nuggets (Rhino)

I love great music, even these old fantastic psychedelic comps from back in the day… a real head twist.

Our pick: The Cryan Shame’s – ‘Sugar & Spice’

Rekid – Made In Menorca (Soul Jazz)

Matt(Radio Slave)’s finest moment, begging for a re-release. Electronic, different, interesting and with a huge sense of humour.

Our pick: ‘Lost Star 6’

Personal Space Electronic Soul 1974/84 (Chocolate Industries)

When I got this I couldn’t believe there was a type of soul I’d not heard of… first listen on a 10-hour train journey from Marrakech to Fez with it on repeat… stunning.

Our pick: The Makers – ‘Don’t Challenge Me’

Jarrod Lawson – Jarrod Lawson (White Label)

The new king of soul music. An amazing debut. Not many come out with a stone cold classic for a first album…. ohhh forgot to say he’s white! Higher praise you can’t get from me.

Our pick: ‘Gotta Keep’

Robert Hood – 20 Years of M-Plant (M-Plant)

This takes me back to a great place. Now repackaged/re-edited/bonus tracks and versions. It just shows how important the early techno/real minimal was in shaping who/what I am, cause trust me, I drank buff listening to Mr. Hood! For me this is one of the most perfect places to start out with a light rum….masterful.

Our pick: Floorpan – ‘Never Grow Old’ (Re-Plant) 

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti (Swan Song)

As I said it’s always about the music and there’s a real soul that runs through this great double album that just gets in my head… heavy.

Our pick: ‘Kashmir’ 

Mr. G – Personal Momentz (Phoenix G)

With this one it’s about frequency overload sucking you into a weird personal vortex… this with ‘Wray and Nephew’, my studio rum of choice, you be pissed as a fart before you get to the end!!

Our pick: ‘Hip Flexer’

Personal Momentz is out on Phoenix G now. Catch him playing Just Jack’s 9th Birthday in Bristol on 7th Feb 2015.

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