Preview: RPR at Fabric


Every so often, an event takes place at Fabric that you’d be stupid to miss. Their 15th birthday was one such occasion. Any night where Ricardo Villalobos is in charge, and when the Romanians come to take over the main room. The latter is happening this weekend, with not just one but all three of the a:rpia:r label bosses playing all night long.

Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh are regarded by most as clear leaders in the world of minimal techno, with releases on their own label and some of the biggest around the world being a real testament to their musical prowess. However, to get a real flavour of what they’re about, you must see them play together. Like three friends mixing in their own living room, their record selection (as they are big into their vinyl of course) is a sight to behold. Not tied to a strict one-for-one(-for one) style of mixing, each only comes forward when they know exactly what to play next. This winning formula makes for sets that are spontaneous, yet with a clear direction.

Often found playing with Ricardo around the world, their sound characterises a swathe of Romanian artistic output in recent years, with the country now recognised as the global hub of minimal music. Rising from the ashes of harsh Communist rule, the ‘Romanian sound’ draws on the rich tapestry of folk music from the Eastern-most Latin country, to create music for real connoisseurs of all things electronic. With the three undisputed leaders in this field playing all night long, magic is bound to happen in Fabric’s Room 1 on Saturday.

Elsewhere in the club, Will Saul and Fink‘s label, Aus Music is taking over the dark caverns of Room 2, having invited October to play a very special live set alongside Huxley and Will Saul himself. The label has become synonymous with the classic sound of house music, having released hits like George Fitzgerald’s ‘Child‘ and club stomper ‘True South‘ by Glimpse; a track that tore its way around clubs across the world last summer when it came out.

Room 3 promises to be another haven for house music lovers, with its new layout playing host to RvS Music‘s 20th birthday – more accurately, the story of their ‘twenty-year evolution from Reverberations to RvS‘. Alex Arnout is our one to watch here, playing alongside Asadinho. As they do best, Fabric have invited some masters in the field, and mixed them up with something entirely different in the other rooms, meaning that there really will be something for everybody on Saturday. You’ll most definitely find us in Room 1 all night long.

For more information and tickets, visit fabriclondon’s official event page.

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