Soundcloud Selections: K15

Revered for his eclectic taste and soul/jazz infusions at Camden’s Jazz Cafe, K15 has since had releases under London’s WotNot Music and, most recently, for Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats Music with Insecurities EP. Since its highly anticipated release, Insecurities has drawn the attention for its psychedelic, hazy groove, and slots seamlessly into the raw sounds of the Wild Oats roster. Before he joins Glenn Astro at our Christmas party next month, Kieron has scoured Soundcloud for some of his favourite jams at the moment. Like much of his work, the selections are full of that irresistible, head-nodding groove.

Tiny Cornelius – Something On My Mind

Tiny Cornelius is an alias of pianist Hamish Balfour. This is a brilliant piece of music, the synths, the drums but the vocal of Frida Mariama is impeccable. The stuff of kings!

R-Kay – Fuji (Outro)

I’m really excited about this guy and the whole collective he is part of, they are an extremely talented bunch of musicians and this is a perfect example. I’ve been known to leave this on loop for hours!

The Peter Edwards Trio – Meet You At El Malecon

Love the groove on this one, very bouncy and heart-warming. I’m due to play this in a club. 

Kaidi Tatham – Willow of Winton

Those opening chords – oof! Kaidi is a musical hero of mine. He is a seasoned musician and everything he makes always feels so considered. The change at 1min 20secs is brilliant. He glides from a downtempo number into a hip-groover and then into some other jazzy craziness. One day he will release this for all to enjoy.

Jneiro Jarel – Like A Brazilian Girl

The beat is impeccable – standard protocol where JJ is concerned. He raps on it pretty perfectly too. This guy never ceases to create moments of joy.

Wiley – Step 5 (produced by Kid D)

Kid D has been about for a while. He makes the most sinister and the most soulful pieces of music. This one is sinister though, which Wiley used it for this memorable STEPS series and absolutely murders it.

K15 plays the STW Christmas Party alongside Glenn Astro on 12th December. Final few tickets left here.


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