Gaussian Curve – Clouds LP

The return from only a weekend-long recording session earlier this year, Clouds LP by Gaussian Curve is a piece to address sincerely. It becomes their fourth release in a project to disseminate ‘overlooked and unreleased music’ to a wider audience, of which we fully approve. With a combination of ‘Gigi Masin on Rhodes and piano, Johnny Nash [of Land Of Light] on guitar, melodica, synths and trumpet, and Young Marco on synths, rhythmic structures and production’, the trio elevate the listener to detached spaces of contemplation and imagination. The album is a set of purely ‘one take’ live recordings. Once made aware of this, you are left wondering how such a level of expression is achieved first time around.

Melancholic loop-led production of ‘Impossible Island’ provokes daydreams of a place that defies belief. The Rhodes piano rides gently over a simple percussive heartbeat, offering a hazy path explored by guitar solos and wandering synths. Their unified perception has been filtered into the pictorial music, perhaps induced by their setting within the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light district.

‘Longest Road’ is full of depth from which the melodica and trumpet seemingly rise to the surface, like haunting echoes from the unknown. A teasing prog-rock guitar ebbs back and forth as the instrumental layers gradually build without ever reaching a climax; and, as if time was stood still, it all fades away.

‘Red Light’ is like the warmth felt from those first rays of sunshine creeping in through your bedroom window. An ambient blanket is created from the outset. The listener is carried through faint commotion in the background by the tranquil piano and light percussion, just keeping time. As with the rest of the album, the use of space is key to the almost sedative feeling instilled in the music before the restatement of bustling background noises bring you back to reality.

Clouds LP is coming soon via record label Music From Memory. It is available to pre-order from all good record stores.

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