Soundcloud Selections: Clap! Clap!

Leading up to Clap! Clap!’s appearance alongside Anchorsong at Oslo Hackney tomorrow, we spoke to the man behind the Clap! Clap! project, Italian producer C. Crisci. The purpose behind Clap! Clap!’s work stems from what is termed as ‘future roots’, with inspiration being taken from sample-based research of tribes, bands and singers of the African continent.

When speaking to C. Crisci however, we decided to hang up our ethnomusicological perspective by the door, and delve into the influences of his Italian electronic origin. This installment of Soundcloud Selections features Clap! Clap!’s five preferiti tracks by his Italian contemporaries.

L.U.C.A. – ‘Precipizio’

Francesco De Bellis, also known as Fransisco, is an important point of reference of the Italian electronic music scene history. He has composed masterpieces since the beginning, not only as Fransisco but also with his side project of ‘Jolly Music’, which is one of my favourite Italian projects ever! I love every release on his own label, Edizioni Mondo. My favorite is ‘Precipizio’, released under his moniker of L.U.C.A.

Colossius – ‘B4 Tu Sleep’

I personally love this lullaby. Andrea is a good friend of mine. When I was living in Florence, I was in his studio every week. We got lots of tunes released together under the moniker of Colossius and Digi! Colossius’ compositional style is one of the rarest and most particular styles I’ve ever found in Italy. He loves to play modular synthesizers and analog stuff, and this is easily heard in most of his productions.

DJ Khalab – ‘Walkiana’ 

The vibe of Roman producer DJ Khalab’s style and samples is one of my favourites. Three years ago, we had a long conversation about the importance of research when creating a producer’s individual and authentic sound, and we started to collaborate on many projects. Some of these were released in my Tambacunda EP and Tayi Bebba LP. ‘Walkiana’ is my favorite DJ Khalab tune, released on Black Acre’s compilation vinyl, Adaptations EP.

HDADD – ‘Here’

HDADD (High Definition Attention Deficit Disorder) is also known as UXO (Unexploded Ordnance). This names fits his unique style perfectly. His compositions are the perfect translation of feelings into music. Like soundtracks, his albums recount great concepts. I love the way he composes music, and we’ve collaborated on many projects: Braille Funk [also with Colossius], 5y5, and a versus album called Digi vs UXO.

Populous – ‘Vu (feat. Clap! Clap!)’

Already a big pioneer in the ‘IDM Age’, releasing masterpiece albums like Quipo (2002) and Queue for Love (2005) on the great label Morr Music, Populous maintains the perfect sound and spirit of research-based music. His last album, Night Safari, is one of my favorite releases of this year. I’m really proud to be part of that album!

Catch Clap! Clap! at Oslo Hackney tomorrow night alongside Anchorsong. Remaining tickets (£12 + bf) are available at Gigantic. Thank you to C. Crisci.

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